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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

15 Key Scenes

Act One
  1. Establishing shot - castle city, "honorable" king, and royal children
  2. King threatens to sell Renate away to try getting Remington to take up his royal duties. However, the King plans to sell Renate anyway due to his need for money. The kids find out through the King's servant.
  3. They plan an escape and run away past the castle walls.
Act Two
  1. The King soon finds out about their escape and he sends his army to find them. He becomes angry and beats his wife.
  2. The King put out an award for anyone who can catch them. Many devoted villagers are now on the hunt to find Remington and Renate.
  3. they go into hiding in the forest.
  4. They arrive at the someones home in the forest. The person takes them in and hears their story.
  5. This person becomes their mentor and she teaches them more about magic.
  6. They find their mentor dead.
  7. They mourn as they watch the sunset, and observe the beauty of nature. They begin having hope, and realize that all they have is each other. 
Act Three
  1. The kids are caught and imprisoned in the castle, where they experience hell. They lose all hope since the King now has power and control over them again. Remington is scared for his sister's life. 
  2. They challenge the powerful King. To everyones surprise, the kids defeat the King with the help from many of the Kings "allies". Many people who worked for the King now turns against the King, and help the kids defeat him.
  3. The King becomes shameful, and the kingdom begins to fall. Many villagers of the city decide to leave due to the King having no heir, and him being perceived as weak. 
  4. The Queen is announced pregnant, with a new heir. The King begins to restore his reputation with this news. Remington and Renate find out the news and are saddened there their new sibling would suffer under the King.
  5. Remington and Renate arrive to a safe, hidden village where they're welcomed with a feast.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Story Plot

15 Story sections

More story development

Title - ???

Log Line

  • After saving his sister from their father, the evil King, Remington leads a band of people and magical creatures on a long treacherous journey to freedom

Pitch Line

  • royal children + adventure with magic
  • The Hobbit + magic with a panther sidekick


  • Happiness and safety is more important than following traditions

What's at stake if they fail? 
  • Remington's sister is at stake for being sold away, while Remington gets forced onto the throne and still under the king's control.

Cast of characters

- metaphors for settings
  • Castle - a dark, evil, lifeless, and cold, but still abundant in decorations, food, etc. "pride rock" metaphor- lion's (kings) den 
  • village - bright, good, full of life, warm, but poor. 

  • Prince of Egypt 
  • Lord of the Rings/Hobbit 
  • Fiddler on the Roof 

Authenticity and empathy
  • Remington and his sister are victims in the castle, who get repeatedly abused by their father/king.

  • Castle celebration - to honor and give to the king 
  • Magic Festivals - celebrates magic
  • Element holidays - celebrates each element of magic 
  • Day of sacrifice - day to remember the ancestors and sacrifice to them 

  • Respect of authority and of hierarchy 
  • Traditions are significant 
  • Family & Community
  • Contribution in society, meaningful work & resourcefulness 
  • Loyalty
  • Maintaining reputation 
  • Wisdom 
  • Comfort and pleasure 
  • Generosity 
  • Ambition and willingness

3 Acts

  1. Exposition and Inciting Incident - The "honorable" king is revealed to be abusive towards his children. Remington resists taking any royal responsibility. Incident: King threatens to sell off Remington's sister to manipulate Remington into taking up his duties. The siblings plan an escape so they can stay together and flee from the Kings control. 
  2. Rising action and Conflict - They set off onto their journey, getting some help along the way. Some "helpers" scheme to return them to the castle for a sizable prize set by the king. They must disguise themselves to hide from the people hunting for them.
  3. Climax and Resolution - The king and part of his army catch up to Remington, and they confront each other. A battle begins and they each fight using their magical abilities. Ultimately the king won, however Remington was able to slip out of their control again with some help from his friends. Remington and his sister make a final run, and reach a hidden, magical village, where the villagers welcomed them, took them in, and prepared for them a huge feast.